Webmaster is the person who is responsible for creating and managing a website. Sometimes they only need to take care of one website, but other times they have more than one sites to control. In order to build a website, the webmaster must own a postmaster email address. However, their title and address were not from analogy for the administrator of the website because of the RFC requirement. Instead, the RFC turned it into a standard practice.

Becoming a webmaster is not an easy job to do. There are plenty of things we need to master beforehand. The most important one is to know everything about Hypertext Markup Language or also known as HTML. Scripting programming languages such as Perl, Ruby, ColdFusion, PHP, .NET, and JavaScript is also necessary for them. The other things they need to know are configuring a web server as well as becoming an administrator of the server itself. Usually, it is the IT administrator (e.g. administrator of database, network, or security) who will supervise the performance of a webmaster.

There are several job titles that we can refer to webmaster. Those are website publisher, web architect, website coordinator, web developer, website administrator, or site author. If you work as any of these titles, then you can call yourself as a webmaster.

Roles of Webmaster in Companies

The main responsibilities of a webmaster are to take care of the management and regulation of the access rights from different users. They are also in charge of controling the content management system, the website appearance, and the setting of the site navigation. Here are some more duties of this title:

  1. To ensure the hardware, software, and web server
  2. To produce and revise web pages
  3. To conduct A/B testing
  4. To reply all user comments
  5. To examine website traffic
  6. And, to master e-commerce software

The roles of a webmaster may be a bit different in small and large companies. In smaller firms, they usually will manage all technologies related to the website of the company. They are responsible for creating the site and put them into one or separate servers within the company. Designing a website is also their job, but some companies prefer to let design company from the outside to do it. Once it is done, they have to maintain the website and also fill it with necessary contents. Webmaster tools really provide great help to the webmasters for easy management of websites. To develop an interacting websites at low cost, make sure you check for Godaddy coupons first by accessing couponclerks.com.

In larger corporations, the webmaster can be the one with knowledge and experience of HTML or a technical person with some programming skills. This technical person will be in charge of running server, writing program, or scripting languages. Generally, a big company will have a team of webmaster. Each of them will be accountable for their own tasks like establishing website designs and policies, arranging important technical resources, and overseeing the site design. There may be also some additional webmasters who have to work on the site content and programme for division or product.

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