4 Different Services to Verify Your Site on WordPress.com for Webmaster Tools

When we have a website, we normally want to know its statistics. In WordPress.com, it already provides a lot of information about the traffic. However, if that is not enough for you, you can simply use webmaster tools. These tools will give you some additional data such as the number of people who visit your site or land on a specific page.

In most sites, we only need to add hidden meta tag to the website for the verification process. The verification aims to allow us to use the webmaster tools. Unfortunately, we cannot do the same on WordPress.com. Do not worry, though, because we have prepared several steps based on 4 different services to verify your site.

1. Google Search Console

– Log into your Google account.
– When you are at the Welcome to Search page, enter the address of your blog in the Website field and click on Add a Property.
– On the next page, there are two tabs you can choose, Recommended method and Alternate methods. Since you want to use Google Search Console on your WordPress.com, choose Alternate methods and select the HTML tag option.
– Next, you will see a line of HTML code. Copy that code and go back to the setting page of your blog in a new tab.
– Click on Traffic, paste the code you copied into the Google field, and click on Save Settings.
– Now go back to the Google Search Console verification page and click on Verify.

2. Bing Webmaster Center

– Log into Bing Webmaster Center with your Live! Account.
– Click on the button of Add a Site.
– Now enter the URL of your blog into the URL box.
– In the box of Add a Sitemap, you can enter the URL of your Sitemap.
– Next, you will see meta tag code. Copy that code.
– Open a new tab, go to your blog’s settings, choose Traffic tab and paste the code into the Bing field. Do not forget to click Save Settings.
– Return to the Bing verification page and click on Verify button.

3. Pinterest Site Verification

– Log into your Pinterest account.
– Head to the profile of your account and click on Edit Profile.
– Enter the address of your website if you have not done it yet and then click the button of Confirm Website.
– You will see a meta tag code on the next page. You can copy that code and open a new tab to go to the verification page of your blog.
– Click on Settings, choose Traffic tab, paste the code you copied to the Pinterest field and click on Save Settings
– Return to the Pinterest verification page and click on Finish.

4. Yandex Site Verification

– Log into your Yandex account. If you do not have it, then you can create one first.
– After opening your account, you will see Add Site button under the webmaster headline. Click that button.
– Scroll down the page, enter the address of your website, and then click on Add.
– On the next page, copy the meta tag provided for you.
– Go to the settings of your wesbite, click on Traffic, and paste the code in the Yandex field.
– Once you have clicked on Save Settings after pasting it, go back to Yandex verification page and click on Check.

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