Webmaster is the person who is responsible for creating and managing a website. Sometimes they only need to take care of one website, but other times they have more than one sites to control. In order to build a website, the webmaster must own a postmaster email address. However, their title and address were not from analogy for the administrator of the website because of the RFC requirement. Instead, the RFC turned it into a standard practice. Becoming a webmaster is not an easy job to do. There are plenty of things we need to master beforehand. The most important one is to know everything about Hypertext Markup Language or also known as HTML. Scripting programming languages such as Perl,[…]

In order to increase the traffic of a website, a webmaster will need SEO tools. There are plenty of them which we can use for that purpose. One of the most useful tools is Google Webmaster Tools. These may not be the best tools for SEO, but since they are from Google itself, they can provide many crucial insights. Now let’s find out the importance of Google Webmaster Tools, especially for those who have their own websites. What Is Google Webmaster Tools? As you can guess by its name, these are the tools specially designed for webmasters to manage their websites. Using them will enable us to do a lot of things which are very helpful in maintaining our sites.[…]

A Guide for Beginners to Learn How Google Webmaster Tools Work on Website It is a common knowledge that most people want their website to have a great traffic. In order to enhance it, they will use SEO. But, before you do that, it is better to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. It is a toolset created by Google that you can get it for free. This set will help you to understand everything about your website more deeply. Add and Verify Your Website To use Google Webmaster Tools, you will need to sign up first and add it to your website. Once you have done it, you will need to go through a verification process. There are several[…]