A Guide for Beginners to Learn How Google Webmaster Tools Work on Website

It is a common knowledge that most people want their website to have a great traffic. In order to enhance it, they will use SEO. But, before you do that, it is better to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. It is a toolset created by Google that you can get it for free. This set will help you to understand everything about your website more deeply.

Add and Verify Your Website

To use Google Webmaster Tools, you will need to sign up first and add it to your website. Once you have done it, you will need to go through a verification process. There are several methods you can select for that.

  1. Add a DNS record to the configuration of your domain
  2. Add a meta tag to the homepage of your site
  3. Download an HTML and upload it to your server
  4. Link the account of your Google Analytics to the webmaster tools


After verifying your site, you will be able to see the data you need. The dashboard will provide you a rough information. The information is like the traffic performance, number of sites that link to yours, or number of pages indexed by Google.

Site Configuration

Google Webmaster Tool
Google Webmaster Tool

Configuring your site can help Google to do a better performance in ranking your site. While doing the configuration, you may meet some familiar areas.

  1. • Sitemaps can assist Google in determining the pages on your site so they can index them. Without it, your traffic will not be as much as your expectation.
  2. • In Crawler Access, you will learn about robots.txt file. Creating this file can block Google and other search engines to access the pages you do not want them to see.
  3. • Sitelinks are the links to interior pages of a site which you will get once you have grown in popularity.
  4. • It is crucial to let Google know about Change of Address plan. Otherwise, your traffic will go down.
  5. • Settings is the place to go when you want to set factors like target audience, preferred domain, and crawl rate.

How Google View Your Website

Some of you might wonder about how Google exactly sees your website. You can reveal that by using Google Webmaster Tools based on several areas.

  1. Search Queries can show which keyword has high search volume. This will help you to improve your click rate• In Links to Your Site, you can monitor the growth of the links connected to your site.
  2. In Keywords, you will see a wide variety of keywords which are the most related to your site.
  3. Internal Links aim to rank pages and determine which one of them that Google feels to be the most important.
  4. Subscriber Stats will be very useful when you have a blog. Through this section, you can tell which blog posts are the most subscribed.


Please keep in mind that no websites are created with total perfection. Someday you may have to deal with several issues. Through Diagnostics section, you can find out the problems in your site and fix them all.

  • • When there is a malware on your server, there should be a message sent to you in Malware section.
  • • If you want to see whether there are any problems on your site, check them out in Crawl Errors section.
  • • Google usually will crawl to the sites that have many pages daily or weekly. If they do not do it despite of having plenty of pages, there is something wrong going on then.
  • • When Googlebot crawls on your website, it may find some problems with the content. The most common issues are the title tags and meta descriptions.


In the Labs section, you will find out new features tested out by Google Webmaster Tools.

  1. Fetch as Googlebot shows you how your page appears to Google.
  2. Through Sidewiki, you can let users to provide useful information to any webpages.
  3. Site Performance allows you to see the statistics of your website.
  4. In Video Sitemaps, you can include raw video files if you have videos on your website. That enables Google to index them.

As you can see, Google Webmaster Tools can be really helpful when you have a website. It will help to guide you in increasing the traffic. So, you better use it now if you do not have it yet.

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  1. hanyras says:

    Linking account to web master tool not happening…..

    1. webmaster says:

      It should work. Follow steps properly. It worked for me.


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